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Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour at the Portal of Flanders. Nice and safe from your own home. Because you can also experience the Flanders Portal from your own couch! On your moment, your way! Take a look at the lock complex, enjoy the drone images, discover how a lock works and catch up on the New Lock. With a few mouse clicks you guide yourself through our special maritime world.

You are also very welcome online! The virtual tour is made easy by following the various arrows in the digital Portal of Flanders. At our main hotspots you can stop and find out more about everything that happens in and around the locks. We take you on a journey through videos, models and digitally challenge your knowledge. Are you boarding online?

You can make the virtual tour independently, but even now there are guides ready to guide you. They will give you a little more information during your virtual tour and can answer all your questions immediately.

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