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  Portal of Flanders

TIP: Discover Terneuzen at the Tourist Information Point.

At the Tourist Information Point (TIP) Terneuzen you will discover everything Terneuzen has to offer. And that starts right there, because the TIP can be found in the Portal of Flanders. One of the possibilities for a unique day out!

The Portal of Flanders is located on Beneluxweg, right on the water of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. Visitors can go there at the Tourist Information Point for information about everything there is to experience in Terneuzen and the surrounding area. This includes attractions, cultural events and institutions, as well as restaurants, hotels and so on. The TIP has a lot of tourist information material, which can be used to help visitors on their way. You can also buy maps of walking and cycling routes and maps of Zeeland, as well as fun items and gifts, such as the Zeeuwse Knop products.

TIP is open according to the opening hours of the Portal of Flanders.



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TIP tourist Information Point
TIP tourist Information Point

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