Gateway to Flanders

Lock complex tour and cruise

Only at the locks can you experience how impressive ships are. They are wide, long and sometimes as high as an apartment building. You will only notice how high that is when you are standing close to it!

Our guide will tell you everything about the locks and the lock complex. How is a ship piloted through the locks? What happens when ships are passing through the locks and how does a lock actually work? To understand how the lock bridge works, the guide will take you to the 18 meter deep bridge cellar. Of course you will also visit the lookout point and learn everything about the construction of the New Lock. To really experience the water, embark on a cruise on the canal. So much activity, you can’t believe your eyes! Hold on tight when a large sea vessel passes. Can you feel the swell?


3 hours

Rates and Reservations

Can be booked for individuals and groups from 10 people and more:
Adults: € 20,00
Children: € 13.50
Of course, you can start your visit to the Gateway to Flanders with coffee / tea with a Zeeland bolus. Lunch is also possible, as well as a closing drink with snacks. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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