Guided tour of the lock complex

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Guided tour of the lock complex

Are those ships that big or are we so small? At the lock complex in Terneuzen you can marvel at mega ships. This is where you really discover how big ships are! You can see the crew working hard and the flag waving at the stern. What cargo is the ship carrying? Of course, canal and river barges pass by. They transport their cargos to Sas van Gent, Zelzate or Gent. For example, do you know that the cargo of an average barge is equal to 120 lorry loads?

Our guide will take you to the lock complex and tell you all about this maritime world. How do you sail safely from the Westerschelde to Gent? How do we pilot a ship through a lock and how does a lock actually work? We take a look inside the 18 meter deep bridgecellar to see how the bridge actually works and of course we visit the lookout point on the locks. There you can see how massive this building project is on the new lockpit . This lock will be the same size as the locks in the Panama Canal: 427 meters long, 55 meters wide and 16.44 meters deep!


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“Often drove past here by bicycle and car, but never seen the lock complex so close. Very interesting!” 

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