The Portaal van Vlaanderen has been the port information center for more than 30 years for everything related to shipping, locks, ports and the Canal Zone. The foundation’s goal is to promote public interest in maritime activities in and around the Terneuzen territory. Since 2017, the Portaal van Vlaanderen has also been an information center for the construction of the Nieuwe Sluis Terneuzen. An important day attraction for Terneuzen.

Originally, the Portaal van Vlaanderen mainly focused on the Sluizen complex (the hydraulic engineering works). This remains of great importance, but in addition the foundation will also orient itself more broadly in the maritime world.

Terneuzen as a maritime city, the Canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, the relationship with Vlissingen and the Western Scheldt. After all, the city of Terneuzen has one of the largest ports in the Netherlands.

The Portal of Flanders has great ambition. This ambition can only be realized with the full support of our stakeholders and sponsors. The foundation is completely dependent on the efforts of voluntary employees. Both elements are the basis for the functioning of the Portal of Flanders.

We connect with our environment. We believe in partnership and cooperation based on the conviction that we can progress together.

Board composition

Mr. G. van den Berg – Chairman
Mr. K. Dieleman – Vice-Chairman
Mr. H. Hamelink – Secretary
Mr. P. Schoonakker – Treasurer
Mr. R. van Leest – Volunteers
Mr. M. Knuyt – Sponsorship


Mrs. L. Spuesens, manager


Hostess and hosts





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