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About the new lock

Terneuzen is the scene of one of our country's most ambitious infrastructure works. The New Lock is an impressive new sea lock. It will provide better access and smoother flow from the Westerschelde to the Ghent Canal to Terneuzen and beyond. The New Lock is world-class. Its dimensions can be compared to the new locks in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Panama. Many people are looking forward to 2023. That is when the first ship will sail through the New Lock! With a lock of this size, the numbers make you dizzy. This is about hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of concrete and tens of thousands of tons of steel.

To build the lock, for example, space must be made. That means excavating, moving and transporting soil. In total, we are moving 12.5 million m³ of soil. More than 110 times the volume of the Feijenoord Stadium, the Kuip! In the middle of the lock complex, east of the West Buitenhaven next to the cycle path between the West Lock and Midden Lock, stands the viewing point. This five-meter high tower offers you a fantastic view of all the work going on at the lock complex. Information panels explain what you see.

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"We enjoyed the great explanation! It is now clear to us it is and is going to be with the lock."

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