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Become a maritime friend

Do you support the Portaal van Vlaanderen and you want it to continue to exist in the same way in the future? Then let’s become (maritime) friends!

How can you participate in the Portaal van Vlaanderen?
– Deposit your financial contribution to NL65 RABO 0103 7421 31, attn Stichting Portaal van Vlaanderen, stating ‘Maritieme Vriend’
– It is also possible to donate a maritime object.
A valuable (maritime) piece is often interesting for the Portaal van Vlaanderen to complete our permanent exhibition in this way.

If you consider that, please contact us at

Your contribution to the Portal of Flanders makes the difference! You thereby support the objectives, activities and future of the Portal of Flanders. Information If you want more information, you can of course.

Please contact Liselotte Spuesens, Flanders Portal manager 0115-616268

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