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Standard terms and conditions for visitors Portaal van Vlaanderen

The Portaal van Vlaanderen Foundation applies standard terms and conditions for visitors. These terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships between the Portaal van Vlaanderen foundation and the visitor.


Portaal van Vlaanderen: The Portaal van Vlaanderen foundation aims to promote public interest in maritime activities in and around the city of Terneuzen. The Portaal van Vlaanderen, located at Beneluxweg 101 in Terneuzen, consists of an information center with an exhibition hall and a film/conference room.

Visitor: any person who enters the Portaal van Vlaanderen information center or participates in one of the activities organized by Portaal van Vlaanderen.

Entrance ticket: a ticket that provides access to one or more activity(ties) at the Portaal van Vlaanderen during opening hours.

Admission ticket: an entrance ticket or a comparable proof (such as an invitation, a voucher, an online e-ticket for an individual or group visit), which provides access to one or more activity(ties) at the Portaal van Vlaanderen.

Officers: all persons who work at the Portaal van Vlaanderen on behalf of the Foundation.


  • Access to the information center is free.
  • The visitor is only entitled to participate in one or more activities on presentation of a valid admission ticket.
  • On request, the visitor will show the admission ticket to officials of the Portaal van Vlaanderen
  • The visitor will not receive a refund of the entrance fee in the event of loss or theft.
  • A pre-purchased entrance ticket becomes invalid when the validity period stated on the entrance ticket has expired. For groups (with or without a guided program), only the booked date applies
  • An entrance ticket cannot be exchanged.
  • Objects that pose a risk to the safety of persons, the exhibition or the building of the information center are prohibited. If the visitor wishes to take one of these objects inside, access to the information center will be denied. Objects found during access control that are prohibited by law will be handed over to the police.
  • The information center is accessible to wheelchairs and prams.
  • The outside deck of the tour boat is accessible to a limited number of wheelchairs.
  • On the train(s), prams, walkers, or wheelchairs are only transported in the baggage car

Code of conduct

    • Smoking is prohibited in the information center, on the train(s) and on the tour boat.
    • Pets are allowed, provided they are kept on a leash.
    • Taking pictures or filming is allowed. In case of temporary exhibitions, there may be a ban on photographing or filming specific objects.
    • Pictures and film recordings may only be used for commercial purposes after permission from the Portaal van Vlaanderen.
    • The visitor is expected to take other visitors into account and to avoid nuisance caused by disturbing or loud noises.


      • The Portaal van Vlaanderen is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal property.
      • Portaal van Vlaanderen is solely liable for damage suffered by the visitor if and insofar as such damage is a direct result of gross negligence or intent on the part of the Portaal van Vlaanderen.
      • The following circumstances will never lead to any obligation to refunds:
        – Nuisance or inconvenience caused by other visitors, such as noise, inappropriate behavior, violence or theft;
        – Damage caused by other visitors;
        – Nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance work, including renovation or the (re) furnishing of spaces;
        – Nuisance or inconvenience caused by the malfunctioning of facilities in the information center.

      Safety and calamities

        • The visitor’s stay in the information center and participation in activities is at his own risk.
        • The instructions of the staff should always be followed.
        • Children under the age of 12 may only visit the Portaal van Vlaanderen when accompanied by an adult. Parents or supervisors are always responsible and accountable for the behavior of the minors accompanied by them.
        • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be denied access to the Portaal van Vlaanderen.
        • The visitor is liable for any damage he causes to the building and the exhibition present there, the tour boat and the train(s).
        • Weather conditions may lead to adjustment of the package or, in extreme cases, cancellation of the activity. We will do everything we can to inform the visitor about this in a timely manner.

        Group visit 

          • A group consists of at least 10 people.
          • Larger groups should be split into smaller groups of a maximum of 20 people per group.
          • The date and time of the admission ticket for group visits can be changed up to 48 hours, subject to availability on the desired new date and time.
          • The organizer of a group visit is the point of contact and ensures that group participants comply with the general standard terms and conditions for visitors.
          • You are requested to be present on time, approximately 15 minutes before the start of the package. If you arrive too late, you run the risk that the total time of the package will have to be shortened.
          • The number of participants can be changed up to 2 days before the appointment date, after which the specified number of participants applies.

          (Online) tickets and cancellation

            The following cancellation conditions apply to reservations made and tickets ordered via www.portaalvanvlaanderen.nl

            • Paid (e)-tickets for groups and individuals can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start, unless the activity includes a meal component.
            • Tickets with a meal component can be cancelled free of charge up to 5 days before the start of the activity.
            • In case of cancellations after the above-mentioned moment, a refund of the purchase amount is not possible.
            • Tickets are transferable to persons falling within the same price/age category.
            • E-tickets may be shown in print or digitally on a screen, for example on a smartphone. The holder of the ticket is responsible for the proper legibility of the e-ticket.

            Other provisions

              • Lost and found items are taken into custody by the Portaal van Vlaanderen.
              • When the owner of a found object reports, he has the choice to collect the object or to have it sent cash on delivery.
              • The Portaal van Vlaanderen reserves the right to destroy found objects that have not been collected after three months.
              • The visitor can make suggestions or file complaints by sending an e-mail to info@portaalvanvlaanderen.nl. Complaints will be  investigated and answered within 10 working days.
              • Prices of products and services are stated including VAT.
              • Deviations from the general terms and conditions for visitors are only valid if they have been expressly agreed in writing.





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